FESTIVE WORKSHOP December 9th 2023

September 2023 outdoor workshop

May 2023 "49th Annual Spring Floral Exhibition"

April 2023 " One Row"

February 2023 " Heika arrangement"

October 2022 " Ikebana International Toronto 41st Annual Flower Show"

October 2022 "19th NAOTA Conference - Volunteer's Workshop"

October 2022 "19thNAOTA Conference - Headmaster's Demonstration"

May 2022 "48th Annual Spring Floral Exhibition"

February 2022 "Landscape & Moribana arrangement"

December 2021 "Festive Glass arrangement"

November 2021 "Autumn Harvest"

September 2021 "Basket Arrangement"

Virtual 47th Annual Spring Exhibition

March 2021 "Awakening Spring"

December 2020 Festive Arrangements

November 2020 Challenge Monochromatic

Autumn 2020 Arrangement Challenge

Celebrating The 46th Anniversary Virtual Show

February Workshop 2020 "Mini Landscape"

Get The Jump On Spring 2020

December Workshop 2019 "Festive Workshop"

September Workshop 2019 "One Row"

45th Anniversary Exhibition and Demonstrations by COP Hirokazu Yokohigashi

45th Anniversary Workshop Instructed by COP Hirokazu Yokohigashi

February Workshop "Driftwood Workshop"

December Workshop "Festive Workshop"

November Workshop "Rimpa Arrangement"

Ikebana International 37th Anniversary Show

September Workshop "Middle View Landscape"

Japanese Garden Club 40th Annual Nature's Beauty Show

Ohara Toronto Chapter 44th Annual Spring Show

February Workshop "Interesting Branches"

December Festive Workshop

November Morimono Workshop

Toronto Japanese Garden Club

65th Annual Fall Flowers and Bonsai Show

Ikebana International 36th Annual Fall Show

September Workshop and Garden Tour


Japanese Garden Club 39th Annual Nature's Beauty Show

June Workshop w/ Grandmaster Akiko Bourland

43rd Annual Spring Show & Honoring Canada's 150th Anniversary

December Festive Workshop w/ Potluck

November Workshop

Japanese Garden Club's 64th Annual Exhibition

Ikebana International 35th Anniversary Show

September Workshop - Free Style in an Interesting Container

2016 NAOTA Boston Conference

Cleveland Workshop and Museum w/ Headmaster and Professor Yokohigashi

2016 Japanese Garden Club 38th Annual Nature's Beauty Show

2016 42nd Annual Spring Floral Show

2016 Get a Jump on Spring + Canada Blooms and Orchid Show - Arrangements by members

2016 Workshop led by Mr. Richard Martel

2015 Festive Workshop led by Mrs. Mitzi Yau


Sub Grand Master Mrs. Ronell Douglass at the 2015 Ikebana International Show and Ohara arrangements by members

2015 Ohara Workshop with Sub Grand Master Mrs. Ronell Douglass 

2015 41st Annual Spring Floral Show

 2015 Winter Workshop

      (Feb 7 at Toronto Botanical Gardens)


2014  Nature's Beauty Show

  (August 10 at the Momiji Senior Centre )  

2014  40th Anniversary Spring Show
  (April 12 at the Toronto Botanical Gardens)

2014  40th Anniversary Spring Show
  Demonstrations by special guest Associate Professor Hirokazu Yokohigashi

 2014  Spring Workshop

  (April 9, April 10 at the Toronto Botanical Gardens, Toronto

Instructor :  visiting from Japan, Associate Professor Hirokazu Yokohigashi ) 


2014  Get The Jump On Spring

  (February 22 at the Toronto Botanical Gardens, Toronto) 

2013 Christmas Workshop    

   (December 14 at the Banbury Community Center, Toronto;   Instructor :  Mitzi Yau) 

 2013 Autumn Workshop

   (November 16 at the Banbury Community Center, Toronto ;   Instructor:  Michiko Mizoguchi )

 2013 Autumn Pottery Workshop

     (October 27 at the Banbury Community Center, Toronto)

2013 North American Ohara Teacher's Association Conference 

     (September 30 to October 4 at the King of Prussia, Pennsylvania)

2013 Toronto Ohara Chapter Spring Show
     (April 14 at the Toronto Botanical Gardens)