Ohara Toronto Chapter's 50th anniversary Annual Show at the Toronto Botanical Gardens. With visiting master from Japan, Hozuki Oyamada. Member's Exhibition June 8th and 9th in the Garden Hall. Demonstration on June 9th, 2pm in the Floral Hall by Hozuki Oyamada, after the official Opening at 1:30 pm. Tickets are twenty dollars for both days, and accompanied children under the age of 12 are free. Image of floral arrangement by Oyamada Sensei, featuring kykyo/bellflowers in basket. Poster designed by Joseph W. Schmidt of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
              Arrangement by Assistant Professor Hozuki Oyamada

Poster design by Joseph W Schmidt

Board members for 2023-2025

Mitzi Yau, President

Ming-Li Wu, 1st VP

Midori Chikira, Assistant to 1st VP
Sherry Xie, Assistant to 2nd VP
Danny Zeng, Assistant to Secretary

Tina Hsueh, 2nd VP

Carol Legros, Treasurer

Karen Lo, Correspondence and Recording Secretary 

Cecilia Li, Assistant to Secretary

Lunar New Year's Greetings 2024

Hoping this message finds everyone of you coping well with the cold weather.  We have an upcoming workshop for February 3rd, at Toronto Botanical Garden with two levels for participants-
Landscape for Group A (using pampas grass, evergreens and driftwood...)
Moribana for Group B (using Lucky bamboo and other floral materials...)

This summer, our 50th Anniversary Celebration will be held at the Toronto Botanical Gardens on June 9th, 2024.  
We have confirmation from HQ that the visiting master will be  Assistant Professor, Ms. Hozuki Oyamada from the Council of Ohara Professors.
  A very special workshop for our chapter members will be conducted by Oyamada-sensei before our big day. 

It is a long journey for an ikebana chapter to reach 50 years.  We recognize that our organization depends on members’ dedication and their voluntary hard work.
Hoping we can pull together in celebrating the Toronto Chapter's entry into the next fifty years with team spirit.

A rebooted Chapter newsletter is underway, and thanks to Carol, we will be seeing it soon.

Lastly, our Facebook page grew in 2023, from just under 300 to over 700 followers. The chapter outreach is now all over the world.

Looking forward to sharing more updates this spring,

Mitzi Yau